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To search profiles click "search" button and choose category for your search, then choose an age, height, weight etc. you prefer in your partner. You may choose "show ads only with photos" if you want, or you may view all profiles.
For faster searching you may choose "view only titles" or "view only ad's text". In this case icon means that this ad has photo.

How to contact

To contact with our member you would like to, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click "send e-mail" button. Your message will automatically forwards to recipient.

What if she (he) not response

Usually the reason is that person receiving your message hasn't had a chance to answer you or has decided not to answer you. If there is a problem with her (him) mail server, error message will go through to our admin and we'll try to inform you about it. If you don't get a response for a long time, please assume that the other person has decided not to write to you.

How to add profile

Click "add new" button and fill out the form. Please note that all fields are required. You will receive e-mail with your UserID and password.
Important note: your profile will be available to our visitors only after you confirm your profile. We need it for verifying your e-mail address. Click link for confirmation in the e-mail with your UserID and password and enter this values to the form, then click "confirm" button. That's all.

Is it secure

Yes. See our privacy page for details.

Delete profile

You may delete your profile any time you wish. Just click "edit" button, enter your UserID and password and choose "delete" action.

How can I update my profile

Click "edit" button, enter your UserID and password and choose "edit profile" action. Change values in the fields you want to and save changes.
Important note: We do not allow to change your your password and e-mail to avoid identification problems. The only way to change this is delete your profile and add new one.

How to upload, replace, delete photo

Click "edit" button, enter your UserID and password and choose "edit photo" action.
Important note: Your photo must be in JPG or GIF format ONLY. Max file size is 25 Kb.

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