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How to create profile on free dating site?

You selected and registered on free dating site. How to select reliable free dating site you can read in related article. Now you must fill in form, upload photos, describe yourself - create your profile. You can say:"It's not difficult". We can object to you - creating profile is very important thing. On your profile depend many things - if you will please to members or not. Profile on free dating site is your virtual face.

Creating profile, pay special attention to your photos. Some people are photogenic, some ones not. If you are photogenic, you can select some photos taken at home, on holiday, etc. If you aren't photogenic - go to professional photographer and order 20-30 photos. Remember some rules:

- don't upload on free dating site group photos. Even if you are on this photo with your friend, brother - don't select it. You represent yourself on your profile - not entire your family, all your friends. Therefore, select photos, where you are alone. If you like animals, you can be on this photos with your favorite animal. Using free dating site, girl/man wants to find life partner and he/she must have a look at you, recognize you on this photo. If she/he will have a look at group photo, she/he will not understand who of all these people you are;

- avoid photos taken on dark background. Upload on free dating site photos with light background, taken in the park, on the street, at work, at home, etc. These photos can be taken in professional photo salon, but ask your photographer to shoot you on light background;

- you on these photos must be visible. Don't upload on free dating site photos, where you are very small. Or photos, where you are visible partially;

- don't upload nude photos;

- if you ordered photos by professional photographer, don't do excessive correction. You must be recognizable on these photos.

You on photos, uploaded on free dating site, you must be natural. These photos can show your person, your hobbies, your profession. Looking at these photos, man/woman must understand easily who you are.

Filling in the form, write there reliable information about your age, marital status, profession, hobbies, etc. If you will write in the form false information, it can bring to some misunderstandings.

Describing yourself on free dating site, try to show your advantageous qualities. Think, what can be interesting for your future life partner. Don't write very long descriptions. Only 10-12 sentences.

We hope our recommendations will help you to become successful on our free dating site and enjoy free online dating.

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