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Your first letter on free dating site.

You decided to try free online dating, your selected free dating site and registered there. We have just suggested you how to create your profile on free dating site. Now we want to inform you how to write your first letter.

The first letter is very important component in your free online dating image. Without it you will not reach any positive result. You send the first letter to all members you like on free dating site. Therefore, by one side this letter must be general, because you send your first letter to much people. But by the other side, in the first letter you describe yourself. And your first letter must differ from first letters of other members.

So, we elaborated the model of the first letter and we recommend you to use it. First of all, your first letter mustn't be very long. Write only some sentences (10 - 15). We suggest you this volume of the first letter, because if you will write shorter letter, you can not describe yourself very well. And if you will write longer first letter, the girl will be tired and cancel to read it. As a result, she even will not see your profile and switch over to other member of free dating site.

Our model of the first letter, which will help you to reach success.

1. The subject of your first letter must be striking. Reading the subject of your first letter on free dating site, the girl must notice it.

2. In the beginning of your first letter you can write "Hi ...." "Dear ...." Instead of spots write her name.

3. Your presentation: your name, age, profession, education, work.

4. Your marital status. If you are divorced - write why did you divorce.

5. What do you expect from your future romantic relations, marriage.

6. Your interests, hobbies.

7. What do you like, don't like. In this point write details. If you like, for example, music - write what exactly music do you like? Why?

8. Describe some interesting moments in your life.

Some things you don't write in your first letter on free dating site.

- Don't write all your biorgaphy;

- If you are divorced - don't speak negatively about your previous life partner;

- Don't write about your problems.

Following our recommendations, you can write excellent first letter, which will help you to become successful on free dating site.

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